Wednesday, October 22, 2008

flex_ws_api Now Supports SOAP 1.2

I recently became aware that not only is the message and envelope format of SOAP 1.2 different from SOAP 1.1, but also the Content-Type HTTP header as well. If you send the Content-Type of a SOAP 1.1 message, text/xml to a SOAP 1.2 document, you will get a message back, formatted in SOAP 1.1 saying that there is a version mismatch. SOAP 1.2 expects a Content-Type HTTP Header like the following (note the SOAPAction is also on this line and shortened to action):

Content-Type: application/soap+xml; action=initiate; charset="utf-8"

The flex_ws_api now accepts a p_version parameter which is defaulted to '1.1', but if '1.2' is passed, the proper Content-Type header will be sent for a SOAP 1.2 message.

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